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COVID-19: Pandemic which took us by surprise!!

Updated: Apr 6

Never could anyone believe that human race would come to a stand still in 21st century. While most of the countries are still developing ways to combat the unseen enemy, lock-downs seem to be the only way out. In these challenging times, everyone is contributing through the means they best know of.

Our team @DataR Labs has developed a dashboard on the spread of virus using Tableau. This is an insightful story on the journey of countries in the 'Virus times' so far.

This LIVE dashboard targets three main aspects.

  1. Scatter plot compares the current status of all the countries in one chart. It tries to understand the relation of parameters, like GDP (y-axis), population density (x-axis) and GDP per-capita (shown by the size of circles), on the extent of confirmed Corona virus cases in the country (shown by the color of the circle). Exact values can be seen by hovering on the country circle/ bubble as a tool tip.

  2. Histogram chart shows the progress of positive COVID cases on a daily basis. The height of individual bar shows the number of cases confirmed on any particular day (as on the X-axis). Tool tip shows the number of cases along with the exact date.

  3. Line chart compares the rate at which number of cases change over a period of time against the benchmark rates. Colored line depicts the actual progress of cases in the country while 4 lines act as a benchmark for cases doubling in 1 day, 2 days, 5 days and 10 days. The day counting starts when there are 100 positive cases in the country. For few countries which have controlled the cases below 100, this graph doesn't exist.

Go ahead and start playing with the dashboard by clicking on the name of country of your choice under - "Select Country" box. Scroll across to access the entire dashboard. You can also access it directly on Tableau servers by clicking here.

Please let us know your views to help us improve our work by adding the relevant comments below.

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